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St Kitts citizenship – Procedures Included

There are many countries in the world offering government run citizenship program. Of the many, StKitts is one of the most proffered landscapes to offer St Kitts Citizenship program. It is a program that ultimately gives citizenship status to those who have made substantial investment in the island, namely in real estate. Established in 1984, this citizenship and passport program offers incredible benefits and advantages. People need to a make a substantial financial investment in the real estate of the country. Certain other requirements need to be met to make the government grant the Certificate of Registration as a Citizen and also a passport.

To obtain St. Kitts citizenship

When the above process is accomplished, all paperwork would exactly be the same as that of all other citizens. People can then choose to achieve a driver's license if they would like to drive. Requirements for the application include many procedures and legal formalities. First of all, people need to make a registration fee of $ 35, 000 for each applicant. If there are extra family members, an additional fee of $ 15, 000 must be paid for each dependant. The average real estate investment amount $ 250, 000 must be paid to achieve the status of citizen. People don't need to pay the fees until their application for citizenship is approved by the government.

you have the right option of St. Kitts citizenship.

Once a person has got all the appropriate documents, the real estate purchase should necessarily be completed. He will be asked for identification during the application procedure period. Birth certificate is usually used for identification of the applicant, and marriage certificates and/or birth certificates can be presented for the spouse and children. More than this, every applicant who is above the age of 12 should necessarily go through an HIV exam and must submit 2 passport sized photos. The reason to invest in St. Kitts is its gorgeous landscape and hospitality culture. Relaxed environment makes people stay there for as long as possible. Apart from this, rich culture, interactive natives, and scenic landscape beauty make the island more tempting.

St Kitts citizenship – The Golden Opportunity For Investors

There are millions of real estate management companies offering services to maintain properties and facilitates for leasing or renting spaces when the owner does not use it. Owners can enjoy the property for himself at his own leisure, and earn a good return on his investment when he lives elsewhere. If investors decide to sell their properties, country does pose no restrictions and owners will have many eager buyers to purchase the space. Citizenship by investment program at St. Kitts allows people to enjoy visa free international travel to more than 80 countries. More than this, citizens do not need to pay any taxes on various earnings such as income, gift, inheritance, etc.

St. Kitts Citizenship

St. Kitts real estate is absolutely a worthy investment along with many advantages. People do not need to give up their current citizenship to get St Kitts citizenship. Choose St. Kitts for your investment options as it is a gorgeous island with interactive community.

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