Monday, October 3, 2011

St. Kitts Citizenship comes with real estate investment

St. Kitts citizenship! The community that lies watching the panoramic views of Caribbean Sea! Investment on St. Kitts is so poplar. It only makes you the owner of beautiful property but also brings you the citizenship. Government of St. Kitts offers excellent opportunity to the foreign investors to apply for citizenship with investment made with several approved real estate properties and projects. is one of the registered real estate promoters who bring the listing of qualifying properties and projects to invest.

Make investment of just 450,000$ to become eligible for citizenship! To add surprise the investment amount includes related government rates and fee for single person. Additional costs come for spouse, children and other family members. St. Kitts citizenship comes with plethora of advantages. Some of the benefits include Enjoy visa free travel in 100 plus counties including Canada, Switzerland, UK and all EU schengen countries, lifetime citizenship, residency in Caribbean community countries, tax free living and more. Visit to make the investment and get citizenship.

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