Friday, October 14, 2011

St. Kitts citizenship – easy way to get second passport

What about the idea of taking a second passport. It sounds good right? No doubt, you need citizenship of another county to apply for passport. But it is not so easy to get qualified for getting citizenship in other countries as in St. Kitts. What is the difference in St. Kitts citizenship? It is nothing but that you can qualify for citizenship with an investment of just $250,000. Yes the government of St. Kitts has formulated this program to attract foreign investors to this stunning area rich with panoramic views of mountains and seas. Not all properties and project qualify you for getting citizenship. Visit to get the listing of qualifying properties.! The registered real estate agent of St. Kitts to help the investors in finding the right properties and projects from cottages, villas, townhouses and more. Make your investment wise and worth this certified real estate agent and get your St. Kitts citizenship on your hands without any troubles.

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