Wednesday, November 2, 2011

St. Kitts Citizenship – donate or invest to get it

So looking for the satisfied and simple way to get your St. Kitts citizenship? The donation is the best way. Donate $200,000 to SIDF, the charitable trust. This makes you qualified to apply for your citizenship. The donation amount per head decreases with the increase in number of applicants. Other excellent program is to invest in any of the qualifying property. Make an investment of minimum $350,000 to qualify for citizenship.

Visa free travel to more than 80 countries, tax free life and more benefits made St. Kitts citizenship on demand. This is best method to hold the second passport. Add pleasure and leisure to your life with St. Kitts Citizenship on your hand. brings you the list of qualifying properties to invest. Now your search for the best property is so easy. Get all information about citizenship of investment and make your investment really worth to get St. Kitts citizenship.

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